20 February 2010 – One of the greatest bands of all times has to be Depeche Mode not only for the music that they have made over the years but also for the influence they have had on many of the bands I’ve ever liked. Tonight I photographed their show at The O2.

The stage set and lighting was very cool and the sound for the venue was incredible. It’s such a good thing witnessing live music and I really enjoy when bands pull together all their resources and make sure to give a good live performance. Not only that but the guys played 20 songs which took almost 2 hours with very little time in between wasted on speaking too much.

They had filming rigs around the stage which were used to film the backgrounds of the stage that everyone was seeing so during songs 2 and 3 we were asked to stay in a very small area to keep out of the way so that the guys could get into the right positions and move around freely to make sure that the imaging was perfect. During this time there wasn’t much I could really see worth shooting so I just joined in with the front row of the crowd and partied to the sounds that are so familiar.

These are a few of my photographs that I really like of Dave and Martin because the light was perfect for them so I focused on getting the best shots of them. The show was amazing and I feel so stoked that I got to shoot them because I have a feeling that it might not happen again. Hopefully I am wrong. After shooting the show from the pit I ran around to enjoy the rest of the show from the crowd so the last photo in this set is from where I was sitting which was about 2 thirds of the way to the back of the crowd. I love that shot.

Hope that you are all well. Marcus

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  1. Martin Bone
    Martin Bone says:

    Brilliant Marcus..My fav band I had tickets last year just as David Gahan was ill and hadnt got round to going to see them.
    Two talents combined mate! ..loving the shots!

    DAMIEN DAVIS says:

    DEADLY SHOTS MAN!! Love them, DM are by far my fav band!!! Cheers for sharing the pics!!! Really awesome!!!!! Have a good one!!!


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