18 April 2010 – The headline band tonight was none other than Dropkick Murphys and I don’t mean to sound naive but I really didn’t expect anything from them and they completely blew me away.

I shoot a lot of shows and it’s really hard to be sold on a band you don’t know well but for an hour and a half the guys completely ripped everyone in Brixton Academy a new asshole with the amazing Celtic influenced Hard Punk Rock. The band played as if it was their first show ever in terms of their efforts and the crowd responded as if it was the 500th time they had seen them as EVERYONE knew the words and was singing along.

The lighting was really crap tonight which I don’t understand. I am going to say that it was without doubt the worst lighting conditions I have shot in a Brixton Academy. What a pity as I would have really loved to have captured the night better.

Make sure to see these guys live one day … I won’t miss it for the world. This all based on tonight.

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