25 March 2010 – Tonight I photographed the Editors at Brixton Academy which was an absolute honour and kind of surreal as they are one of my favourite (if not my favourite) bands.

This was the second time that I had worked with them and it was better than that first just because the last time was at a festival during the day and this was at an amazing venue dedicated to their show. I really loved it so much.

The lighting was unfortunately really dark for the time that I was able to shoot in but I wasn’t bothered because it was for a purpose and the set started off really relaxed and built up through out the night so it was part of their show. The whole band is amazingly talented but Tom is incredible. I want to be like him. Haha. It was a privilege watching him in action.

I know I sound biased but this was definitely one of my top live shows. Unbelievable. If you don’t know Editors, you are missing out.

I am not going to go on because I wrote a review for a magazine so for now these are a few of the photos I shot. Hope you are all well. Marcus

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  1. Solange Moreira-Yeoell
    Solange Moreira-Yeoell says:

    So glad to see you had a great time shooting a band you like a lot.
    The pictures are amazing as always, but surely they transmit their passion playing the gig and you watching them.
    The lighting and setting look pretty awesome to me. Wide angle shots always grab my attention. There is so much to scan around the picture. It is nice.
    I always enjoy browsing around your work. :-)


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