26 March 2011 – Tonight I shot the guys from Editors as they played Royal Albert Hall in support of the Teenage Cancer Trust.

These guys are really one of my all time favourite bands and I cannot explain the feeling that I get every time I work with them. The second that the first note hits though I realize that I actually forgot how good they are live.

I won’t go on about it for ages but definitely recommend that anyone who is even remotely a fan of their work has to make a plan and see them live.

The event was really well put together … perfect actually from what I experienced and I hope that they raised a good amount of money to help the teenagers that they reach out to.

I was specifically requested to shoot this show in black and white so these are a few of the shots I really like. It was a hard one to capture the feeling of 100% because there was a giant screen behind and that took away slightly from the intimate-ness of the setting on stage.

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