El Wood on 120

One of my favourite things is shooting on 120 film but unfortunately the last bunch of scans have been really terrible and it’s put me off completely. I’ve tried a few different stores and all of them say they work only in high res so I send films off, wait a week (or two) and then I pay (a lot) and get home only to find crappy quality low resolution scans. It sucks and in the 3 years I’ve been here I haven’t found one place that actually does it right.

Anyway, I had a shoot with El Wood the other day for Beau & Arrow (will post more later) and I shot off a few 120’s to finish a roll and this reminded me that I need to push to find a proper place to scan these for me in future so I can use it more. Film is rad because you don’t have to edit … I love that.

If anyone has any ideas or recommendations of a place that I should be using then PLEASE do let me know.

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