Point and Shoot this Classic Game

If there’s any subject more retro, it has to be your local bingo hall. An interesting and unique subculture, these bingo players may consist of your usual geriatrics so why not step up to the challenge and revive the vibe and put a cool spin on it by using your trusty analogue camera. Lomography offers a wide range of “toy” cameras that can transform any subject or environment into vibrant, dynamic photographs. Bingo is a game that transcends many generations and cultures as well and you can meet a lot of photographers who are also players too.


The game has also evolved into this lucrative and ever evolving trend and now, anyone can access it via their android phone or tablet, just ask any cheekybingo player. And it’s always good to go back to your roots. Like a photographer who enjoys his/her Canon EOS 1D X and is now having a little bit of fun with these toy cameras, it’s also somewhat comparable to bingo hall players who shifted to playing online. With lomography’s ten golden rules, you can easily capture the energy of your local bingo hall in a kitschy, fun manner. If they’re too conformist for you for something that you would consider as art, then just point and shoot and go with your gut.

There are a ton of cameras that you can choose from and honestly, it’s just more fun if you explore all your options. But here are the most common variety of toy cameras where you can get the most stunning results. The LC-A+ is probably the most common along with the Diana F+ that both produces over saturated and sometimes overexposed photos in a most brilliant array of color. The effect is often distorted but in a beautiful, stylistic manner. Other lomo cameras you might want to give a go are the Coloursplash, the Lomo Fisheye and the Oktomat.

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