06 March 2012 – Tonight I photographed the guys from Future Islands playing a great show at Scala London.

I’ve been REALLY loving Future Islands stuff for a while now so I was really looking forward to this show for ages … to be honest though I had no idea what I was in for. The band sounded good but the front-man Samuel had the MOST INTENSE (in the best way possible) presence I can ever remember witnessing. He is not only a singer but more of a story teller … maybe not even a story teller because that doesn’t give him enough justice. He had this crazy overflowing charisma about him and it was completely evident how much he felt every single word that came out of his mouth … it was really emotional. He then topped that all with some amazing dance moves interrupted only by his humble (and excited) thank you’s to everyone in the crowd.

I wish they added a live drummer just because I like watching a drummer although to be honest Samuel grabbed so much of my attention that only on about song 7 did I even look at the rest of the stage.

Definitely one of my favourite bands discovered of late and I can only recommend that you look them up now and give their stuff a GOOD listen. They describe their sound as “Too noisy for new-wave and too pussy for punk” and I think it’s fitting … it’s great.

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