Last night was the last day of Give It A Name 2009 and it was the best night of the two. I photographed Thursday, Underoath and Taking Back Sunday and all in all it was a super night. I have to say again that the lighting really was weird and by weird I mean (not good). Not only as a photographer but as a fan, I didn’t understand how all the lighting was focused between the front guys and the drummer and that there were no front lights so every one was a silhouette. Never before have I seen a setup like this, not even at a super small club where they only have 5 lights at their disposal. Anyway, I appreciated the fact that I was working with a D3 so that I could atleast boost the ISO up a little more than I ever have.

These are a few of the shots that I took during the day. If you want to see more, have a look at my Band Blog by CLICKING HERE.

Have a super day and week. Marcus











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