23 January 2010 – Tonight I was super surprised but I guess that was due to my own stupidity. I have to be honest and say that I have never before heard a Glassjaw song so I had no idea what they would be like. In support of two bands that I really like it just made sense for me to shoot some photos of them and give them a good listen. WOW.

Sometimes the nice thing about not expecting anything is that you cannot really be disappointed but I feel that even if I had huge expectations of these guys they would have lived up to them. Daryl (frontman) is “mental” or should I rather say that he goes “mental” and is amazing to witness in action. The lighting was really crap for their set and the high stage just was too much for me so I sat back to take in what they were doing and shot a few photos just for personal memory. These are the few that I shot. Check these guys out if you haven’t …. especially live.

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