24 April 2010 – Tonight I shot with the guys from a band called GoodDevilSkin at Water Rats and it was the first time that I would be seeing them live so I had no idea of what to really expect.

This was one of those occasions where this turned out to be a good thing because nothing would have prepared me for the show. I worked with the guys on some new promo shots which I will post up at a later stage so because of this I had given their music online a good listen. I really liked what they are doing and the recorded stuff is really cool but it has nothing on their live sound. I don’t mean this in a bad way at all but rather want to “pat them on the back” for their efforts of their stage sound. Clive’s voice is spot on and resembles all the things I really appreciated when I saw David Gray live. Their sound is created with a collective influence of bands ranging from Bob Dylan, Arcade Fire, REM and David Gray (to name a few) but they have combined these to come up with a unique bunch of material that they pull off well.

As a group they are quite new having only played a few shows together with the current line up but this never showed so it can only get better.

The lighting was quite strong but oddly spread but still better than the last few shows that I have shot at. Thank goodness. These are a few of the photos that I like from the show. I look forward to seeing these guys play again soon. Make a plan to do the same and in the mean time make sure to check out their stuff online.

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  1. James
    James says:

    WOW, not sure how you got the lighting to look this good at water rats. So intimate and personal. The first shot is possibly my best pic of yours yet.

    Just gave the band a listen and its great. Going to see them in Leicester Square next month. Thank you.

  2. Luke
    Luke says:

    Superb Marcus, Pictures look great, like james said, the lighting looks great. Superb Job. Thanks for the good work.

    Luke, Gooddevilskin

  3. Clive ,Gooddevilskin
    Clive ,Gooddevilskin says:

    Hi Marcus, pictures are amazing , you done us proud, thanks, it was a pleasure working with you.
    Again Thanks .

  4. Kato & Kelly
    Kato & Kelly says:

    Listened to some of you music, great sound. Want to hear you live, will travel across the large pond.

    Your Canadian fans


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