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My friend Simon has FINALLY started his own photography blog after way too long. I was looking at it this morning and it was so rad to see some of his stuff. One of his posts was from when he came to shoot photos of me shooting photos with the Revolution boys skateboarding in the drains in Roodepoort. He has a photo of me shooting this photo below. Click here to visit his post with me and our setup.Adam Woolf kick flipping in the drains on 14th avenue in roodepoort photographed by marcus maschwitz

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  1. Grant Klein
    Grant Klein says:

    That’s cool. I checked out the setup shot. It’s always amazing what a fisheye does. It looks like a totally different shot from your point of view. What kind of strobe/flash are you using?

  2. Marcus
    Marcus says:

    Yeah, I thought it was so funny when I saw the post of me shooting this. It is from quite a while back but I remember that the sun was super bright and the rider was lit up from behind so I used one of my sb800’s with pocket wizards to light up his front and face. Hope that helps.


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