14 August 2009 – I shot photos with a super cool bunch of guys (and girl) from a band called Hope and State a while ago but they were in studio and working on their myspace design so I have waited for them to finish up before I posted anything about them.

They are based in London and their music is influenced by the firm trust that every second and every breath is a fight for a state that their hope can change. That’s a rad thing to be influenced by and it was really cool to work with them just because they are so down to earth. We headed to Hampstead Heath to shoot some portraits for their myspace and these are a few of them. They came out really cool and it was interesting dodging and keeping the hordes of people, visiting the park, out of our photographs.

I am super excited for when they start playing shows in November and will definitely post some live shots up here when the time comes. Do not wait until then and check them out before. You can purchase their EP ‘Grand Gestures’ for only £1 digitally which is less than a “bum” in the tube tunnel expects every time we journey on the underground so make a plan. It’s a rad one to tap your feet along too (that’s right, both feet).







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