08 July 2010 – For a long while now everyone I know has been rocking out to Jack Parow and I don’t blame them because his stuff is super catchy so I was looking really forward to tonight to photograph his live show and see how he brings his stuff to stage.

I have never been to the Clapham Grand before tonight because it has sadly become one of “those” clubs filled with people that beat up on people like myself for not being cool enough but tonight was different and a big group of us took it over. This used to be one of the best live music venues in London until it was taken over a few years back and changed so for this reason the sound and lighting wasn’t as good as it could have been but placing all this aside, and being out just to have a good time, people made the best of it.

Jack is great live and really has a good time on stage. It was hard to get a good spot just because of the layout and the amount of people in the venue but I managed to capture a few shots of him doing his thing. Looking forward to bigger and better things for him. Check him out, he’s a good laugh but definitely not a joke.

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