03 September 2009 – Tonight I shot Jack’s Mannequin live at Koko and it was one of the first times ever where I wanted to stop shooting photographs and just enjoy.

I had always been into these guys since I first heard Mixed Tape quite a few years back but with all the bands around I hadn’t given them a real chance just because I was listening to something else. Every time my macbook was on random and passed through one of their songs, I remember making a note to see them one day and then this show almost slipped me by until I found out about it this morning. Asked if I wanted to shoot it, I said “DEFINITELY”. Thanks Fray.

So I arrived at the show thinking that it was going to be a good night but man o man, I had no idea how excited I was going to become. Koko was completely sold out and I battled to get through the crowd to finally arrive at the front of stage where I quickly got my stuff sorted out. The crowd started calling for the band, actually more for the front man Andrew to come to stage. Eventually they did and the crowd went wild. It was apparently Andrew’s birthday as everyone was singing to him as he arrived at his piano which I have never seen before so “happy birthday man”.

They opened their set with Spinning and immediately I remembered what I liked about them. The only difference is that in my head I never imagined the band, as a whole, to be this good. Andrew rocks OUT between his two perfectly placed microphones and right away becomes one of my favourite musicians to watch. I tap my feet, swing my leg, sing along and almost forget the reason I was actually there and start shooting some photos. I felt super bad because the stage was really low and it seemed as though I was blocking the crowds view by trying to get the right shot so I did compromise a bit just because of the whole feeling in the large venue.

The lighting focused on Andrew and really wasn’t good (for flash-less photography) to get shots of the rest of the band so I made sure to focus my attention on the man that everyone essentially was there to see. These are a few of the photos that I shot and that I really like. I wish they could give you a feel of what the actual show was like but nothing really will. I heard so many people saying things like “this is probably my happiest moment ever” and stuff like that is what keeps me going.

Jack’s Mannequin is definitely one of the best bands I have ever seen live before and Andrew has definitely become one of my most favourite musicians to watch. It would’ve been so cool to have met with him and shot some portraits so that I could feel like I have contributed to what they do some how. One day …. I look forward to that day for sure.

If you don’t know Jack’s Mannequin do yourself a favour and go to their website RIGHT now and listen to any of the songs on their player. I want to point you to a really good one so that you get the best idea of them but they are honestly all incredible.

Hope you like the photos, let me know what you think and have a good day, Marcus

















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  1. ...Ravi Panchia Photography
    ...Ravi Panchia Photography says:

    aaargh…. dude, i am so jealous…. :)

    Glass Passenger has got to be one of my favourite cds of all time…
    i need to get their earlier stuff…

    always wondered how it would translate live…I need to add Jack’s Mannequin to the list of bands I must see before I die…

    keep well Mr. Marcus.

    ps. super work as always…

  2. pg
    pg says:

    man, i was there. best show. He has the most infectious smile, such an incredible frontman.
    I almost feel sorry for the rest of the band, he gets so much attention but its for all the right reasons. he doesnt seek attention, he just is such an incredible musician its hard not to take notice.
    it was, actually, one of the best shows of my life.
    I almost passed out when he played something corporate, i didnt expect that!

    great show, great shots, im glad you took time out to enjoy the music :)


  3. Lisa M
    Lisa M says:

    These are so rad. I wast there and it was amazing. Andrew is hot and your pics make him look sexy. Thanks you for sharing your talent. x

  4. Laura
    Laura says:

    These photo’s are awesome, you where right infront of me! You helped pick up my stuff! Thank you so much for that. The security wouldn’t help me at all, so yeah, just wanted to say thank you!! & Jack’s are utterly amazing!


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