02 June 2009 – Last week I worked with a local British rap artist that goes by the name of Jelluzz and this has to be one of my favourite shoots that I have worked on this year, not only because of the results that I got but also because of how much I enjoyed working with this guy and the fact that I don’t normally work with Urban artists.

When I was contacted by Big Deal Management asking me about shooting the new press photographs for the new single by Jelluzz which will be out around August, I downloaded the tracks that they sent me and immediately got excited because I could hear that Jelluzz is taking things seriously and approaching his music with a different approach to the rest of the Rap world by not acting up and actually focusing on his music as apposed to the lifestyle that music can bring. I immediately agreed to the shoot and began thinking of locations and ideas for the shoot. The new single is called It’s My City so the scene had to be appropriate.

Jelluzz was really easy to work with and a really good guy to spend the rest of the travel time with during the shoot and we spoke about music, photography, film, travel and just general stuff that we both have interests in. I was excited as he told me about the new album in the making and the new single which I feel is going to do really well and take him to the next level. The thing I liked the most was that he really trusted me to do what I do and for that reason I feel the shots from this shoot came out strong and will work perfect for the launch of his new single. I am just posting these few to push him and to show some of the shots and will definitely post more when his single hits the world.

If you are into Urban music at all, make sure to check out his music and experience his original contribution to the UK Urban scene. He has some really good tracks on his Myspace and my favourite is Another One. Either way, I hope you enjoy these photographs. I would appreciate if your feedback on them.








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