17 September 2009 – Tonight I photographed JET which is a show that I was looking forward to for quite a few weeks since the day that I got their new album.

First off I arrive to the pit at stage front that is full of photographers so I know tonight is going to be one of those nights where people fight each other to get that photo so I make my way to a place where I stand for most of the show as I know that I want to get photos of the show but I also really just want to witness and enjoy what the Australian Boys have been working on.

The band is led by front man Nic who really is a super cool and humble frontman to watch work his thing. He rocks out but still makes sure to interact with the crowd enough to make everyone feel at home. The light was difficult to work with purely because there was either NO light or too much light and plenty smoke to make it exciting but I really tried to wait each shot out and frame it ready for that perfect moment where the lights and smoke evened out. Not necessarily was this the best time to take a photo but I think that I got some that I really like a lot.

They all rocked out the way I expected them too and it feels lame that the show is over although I have a copy of Shaka’s Rock to play and enjoy until the next time they venture out this way.

If you missed the show, I feel sorry for you.
















Currently listening to : Jack’s Mannequin – Dark Blue.

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