I keep getting emails from people asking me how I light up my portraits and it’s really hard to reply to each request so I said I would try and post one or two “break-downs” on here when I can.

This is a shot I took of a band called Jokers Dozen in Soho to be used as part of their press and promo for their upcoming EP release.

The shot was taken in a busy alley using the street shop lights as ambient to back-light the guys and I filled in the main light with a Profoto Pro-7b pack with a single Pro Head fitted with a 4×6 foot soft box completely to the left of camera and pointed away from the band just so that they catch the spill-off … see rough diagram below after the location shot (without the band in).

I hope this helps a bit.

You can see a few more behind-the-scenes type posts HERE.

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