25 May 2009 – A while back I met Josh Scogin from The Chariot and he was super cool so after a bit of chatting I shot a photo of him in the stinky disgusting basement of the Undeworld in Camden Town.

It was super dark and small in there and I only had my ringflash adapter with me and really little time so I will admit that technically these aren’t my best photographs in the world but I really like them because of the subject. For those of you that don’t know Josh was the original first vocalist for the band Norma Jean and is now the lead vocalist and front man for The Chariot which is also a Christian Metalcore band and they really are hardcore.

The reason I like the photograph so much is because I feel that Josh seems almost comedian-like and so humble and down to earth, which is exactly how is was, and he is the singer / frontman of a hardcore band which in my head seems like a really “tough” thing to do. He was really nice and their show after wards was intense and super good and the crowd loved it. I wish I could just introduce the fans to this guy because I feel they would be quite surprised.


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