30 June 2010 – Tonight I photographed Juliette Lewis at the super intimate Borderline which sadly is my worst place to photograph because its just way to small inside and there is just no space to move around. In saying that though it is one of my favourite places to see a band live and it’s hosted some of the best live shows I’ve seen.

Tonight was one of those perfect examples because Juliette is amazing, energetic and super passionate while she performs and it was great to see her in this intimate setting where she works so well.

I found a small space free just up by the stairs and never managed to move from there. The lighting is never the greatest here so these aren’t my favourites but I thought I would post a few of the ones that I am allowed to for now.

Make SURE to watch her live if you get the chance. You’ll appreciate it if you like her music or not.

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