12 February 2010 – I have worked with the guys from Just Me Again a few times before and they really are a super cool bunch of guys. Tonight I joined them for their show at the Bush Hall to capture a few photographs.

I have heard the guys recorded material and become quite familiar with what they are trying to do but this was the first time that I was seeing them live and I was quite excited. The guys are super young and really funny to hang out with so I was expecting a really young and inexperienced sound which was really naive of me because as they hit the first note it was made clear that they are really serious about what they are doing and also that they have put in a lot of thought and practice to try and make this work for them. They are following a dream that they share and know that it won’t just be handed to them on a plate and I really appreciate seeing guys living their passion and pushing themselves to make their dreams come true.

Their set was sadly cut short which I didn’t agree with but sadly I was not the event organizer so I couldn’t do anything to help out. It seemed really stupid because the crowd was really feeding off the material and having a good time but the guys took it as best as they could and just kept being professional, which again is really unexpected from a group of guys so young.

Elyar and Marty head up the front line vocally and together they work amazingly. I love that they split front roles between each other and focus on just making good music and having fun as apposed to who is going to grab the spotlight.

I am excited that I work with these guys and that they are so fresh on the scene because I look forward to watching them grow and enjoy the journey that they have embarked on. It’s a pleasure to witness their bond and I know that the journey is going to bring many laughs. Make sure to check out their stuff if you are into pop punk with a feel good sound and well thought out harmonies.

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  1. Marty Jackson
    Marty Jackson says:

    Marcus, these look great! Shame about the ugly faces in the pictures aye ;] haha it was a pleasure working with you again, and we’re all sure it wont be the last time

  2. Secret JMA Fan
    Secret JMA Fan says:

    I have no idea how JMA got you! But these pictures are FANTASTIC.
    I wish in future I could gain enough experience to take pictures HALF as good as these.
    Big fan of you and the band

  3. Just Me Again
    Just Me Again says:

    a secret fan? ahh that sucks! haha i wanna know who they are!

    Marcus, i dont know if you remember your excuse for working with us at bush hall? It was funny..expect to see that on youtube ;] haha

    im disliking this secret fan at the moment as i want to know who they are. just kiddin :) but they’re right, you’re truely are a living ledgend Marcus! <3

  4. Secret JMA Fan
    Secret JMA Fan says:

    This secret fan is keeping herself a secret because she’s fairly weird about liking you guys. She knows one of you… but doesn’t really speak to him much at all… does go school with ya guys though xp

    Seriously, Marcus- majorly LOVING all the work. Would totally kill to meet you- get an autograph maybe. I adore your work SO much!

    And I’m told by a friend that Marty wrote that response to me, so yeah.. he might spill who I am. Who knows XP xx


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