Wow, I have never posted this much in such a short time before ever. I just love the snow. I think I love it more than any child ever has before. I have spent the entire day making snow angels, building snow men, walking around, riding and crashing bicycles into the snow, having snow fights, burying myself and just having fun everyone in the Close that Nilx and Keli live in. It’s really beautiful here and I feel like we are in a dream land. I am sure that the idea of snow will ware off but for now I am going to keep taking it all in and enjoy it. Snow is forecast quite a lot for the rest of this week and it is still belting down so I am really excited. Yay.

These 2 photographs are of Nilx and Keli who are our special friends that have made it so easy for us to relocate to a new country. It’s been amazing spending so much time with them and enjoying their company. They have been so good to us and are so good to us and I hope that one day I can give something back to them to say thank you for everything. I love these pictures of them that I took while we were walking to go have lunch at the neighbours.

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