11 February 2010 – Tonight the opening band was none other than Kids In Glass Houses and I was looking forward to seeing them since my friend Warren introduced me to them earlier last year.

They were as good as I thought they were going to be and it was great to hear their material off the last album that I got into as well as a bunch of stuff of their latest album that is going to do well for them. The guys have a really good stage presence and they give a good show for sure. As is always the case with opening bands, the stage, lighting and sound is set up mainly for the headline band and although nothing else really seemed an issue, the lighting was quite hard to work with especially when trying to capture Aled while he ran around making the stage look really small.

These guys keep getting bigger and bigger so next time they will probably headline this venue and I will make sure to abuse the lighting then. For now these are my favourites of the photographs that I shot. I hope everyone is well. Marcus

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