23 January 2009 – Today I worked with Kristopher Roe which is really exciting for me. Kris is a photographer and amazing singer, song writer and front man of the band The Ataris and he is currently playing some acoustic shows in the UK and through out Europe. Having loved his music since back in the day, I was really overwhelmed and nervous to work with him today but we met up this afternoon and his humbleness made it really easy for me to be calm and besides having a good time taking photographs, it was really good just catching up with him and chatting about photography, music and life.

Anyway, to cut this long story short, I shot a few portraits while walking around.




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  1. Kris Roe Photography
    Kris Roe Photography says:

    Hey Marcus.  Just checked out the photos. Man, they are seriously awesome. You are such a great photographer! Would be honored to have you shoot some more for us as a band in the future. Would be my pleasure. Hope we can hang again soon. Had a great time. Thanks for the kind words on your site as well. Keep in touch. Talk soon. 

    – your friend, Kris

  2. Vanessa
    Vanessa says:

    You’re so gorgeous, Kris. What a lovely comment.

    Absolutely can’t wait to see you in Sydney tomorrow night!!!

    Great photo’s, Marcus. Thanks!


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