I shot this photograph of Lagwagon playing here last year. These guys were definitely one of my favourite bands growing up and the show was filled with amazing memories from that time. I was just sorting through these now and liked this one so thought I would post it. The guys from Punk Safari were responsible from bringing them out so a big thank you to them. They have since been working hard and will be bringing out NOFX at the beginning of November (next month) and that’s something worth looking forward to. That’s it really. Have a good one. M

Lagwagon playing at Bassline in South Africa photographed by Marcus Maschwitz

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  1. Byron Rode
    Byron Rode says:

    Dude, these guys totally rock.
    Loving the colours on this so much… Are you gonna be watching the boys from NOFX… Here or in JHB if you are?

    Lemme know. Oh and once again! Congrats on your engagement my boy. Looking forward to Thursday!! Woohoo


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