14 May 2012 – A few weeks ago I worked with and photographed a bunch of new promo images with the guys (and lady) of Le Monnier.

I had been speaking with Alex (Vocals / Bass) for a while over email and I loved how passionate they came across as a band so I had been looking forward to meeting and working with them for a while. We had a great time together with loads of laughs (Josh the drummer is an absolute clown) and I feel that we got some really great images.

There’s definitely something special in the mix here and everyone in the band is motivated and working hard to push themselves so definitely take the time to look them up. There are a bunch of extra photographs on their site as well.

They’ve just recently released the music video for their current single, Hidden Faces, and they filmed it at one of the locations that we shot at. Check it out here.

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