portrait lord gold of horse the band photograph by marcus maschwitz

15 May 2009 – Today I shot some portraits of Lord Gold of HORSE the Band to go with an interview that he was doing for Clink Music Magazine and it was really interesting.

They played tonight at the Purple Turtle in Camden and everything for sound check (even me) was running late because of delays on the Northern Line so the interview was taking place in the bar adjoining the club while the bands were setting up. Everything was running really smoothly until the one band started going off and the sound was way to overpowering to the point where we couldn’t hear each other so we decided to take things outside where it was raining. I made a decision to ditch the lights because I really like my gear and don’t enjoy having it get messed up in the rain and because of the weird light outside, as a result of the clouds / rain / sunset, I decided to shoot this photo slightly off the correct colour temperature and then just work it slightly different to normal. I like the way this shot came out a lot and think it matches the interview perfectly. There are a few more images that I took but I will save these for the interview and let you know on here when that goes live. For now it is just this one.

HORSE the Band are super different and they explore hardcore with electro with the crazy “wired” sounds of a Nintendo Gamecube and the result is something worth investigating. They pride themselves on being a DIY band and really feel that a lot of bands are forgetting why they play music and use this to make sure their live show is as best as they can make it. I really like them. Check them out if you haven’t.

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