11 February 2010 – For a long time I have been wanting to shoot Lostprophets because I had a feeling that their live show would be a good one. Tonight I found out that it really was.

The guys have been together doing what they do for a while now but the launch of their latest album, The Betrayed, has created a lot of buzz for everyone especially in the UK. The reason has been steered a lot towards front man, Ian Watkins, personal life but I personally feel it’s because the album is just good and because they put a lot of energy and effort into their live set.

I was slightly disappointed just because the amazing lighting and set took a while to build up but it wasn’t even close to being interesting to photograph until the end of song 5 / 6 so that meant it was hard to get photographs that really give a good feel of what the the experience was like. It’s hard to explain but I just always try to capture a piece of what the live experience is like and I feel that sometimes the photos are a false preview / capture of what it was like purely because the show hadn’t yet kicked into full effect before the photographers were asked to leave.

Anyway, it was an incredible show and I look forward to seeing and working with these guys again. They are touring quite a bit now so make sure to see them if you can.

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  1. sheridan
    sheridan says:

    awesome.. they always rock… been watching these guys for years now.. but missed this gig! Will have to check them out while they’re on tour! .. great pics as always!


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