02 May 2010 – Next up tonight was the guys from Lostprophets who I was also really looking forward to seeing again after photographing them not so long ago at Brixton Academy.

Last time they really opened my eyes because I didn’t know them that well and it got me excited to learn more about them and give them more of a listen so that I could appreciate the show better so tonight I was really excited. This time the lighting was a million times better … thank goodness because I was really upset at how bad it was last time so I wanted to get some stuff this time round.

The guys music is really catchy and I have been tapping my foot since then. Great live band. Definitely want to see them again.

These are a few of the shots I took.

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    Some gorgeous photos of all the guys. Love Ian’s new hair-cut. They are a brilliant band live and can’t wait to go and see them again…

  2. james rodgers
    james rodgers says:

    literally a life saver! love the new haircut ians boasting, gonna try and copy it and not only do you have pictures but there wicked too. nice one! wish me luck with this trim


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