13 April 2011 – Tonight I shot the guys from Manchester Orchestra playing at Camden Proud.

I saying playing but I actually mean that they destroyed Camden Proud but in the most beautiful way.

I’ve been listening to their stuff quite a bit over the last few weeks and have always heard good things so I was really excited when I got asked to shoot their show especially in such a great setting. Their live show is a banger and it seemed to go by so quick only because it was so rad. The guys play with an intense aggression which is amazing to witness and they were joined by almost everyone in the crowd (vocally) for every song which I haven’t seen in a while.

An absolutely perfect show, one of my book of favourites for sure, and I can only highly recommend that you make a plan to see them live soon if you can.

They have a new album coming out soon called Simple Math and I’ve heard it … it’s definitely one worth getting your hands on.

These are a few photos, mostly of Andy and only because the venue was full and I couldn’t move. There was a lot of smoke / fog which created a haze that quite suited the show. Loved this one.

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