01 July 2009 – Tonight I shot photos of the young guys from Metro Station and for the first time ever I never had to sit in crazy traffic on the way there.

The show was at Shepherds Bush Empire and like I have said before, I really like that venue. The lighting wasn’t as good as nights before and as I had been traveling and working a bunch during the day I took minimal gear with me which I was really upset about when the bands started but it seemed to be the best option for the lighting that was quite dark. I haven’t shot with my 50mm in ages and I forgot how good it is to work with.

It was a good night and these are a few of the photographs. Hope you enjoy. M











UPDATE – Some of my photographs were used in a review of the show on Clink Music Magazine.

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  1. victoria
    victoria says:

    hi i was there it was an amazing night. i love Mason!!! sorry huge fan lol =D
    and you are a great photographer and when i am older i want to be a photographer and i would love it if i could ask you a few questions about it.

  2. metrostation4eva
    metrostation4eva says:

    OMG i was there as well and it was the best night of my life i am so going to another 1. i still cant believe i was acctually there in that very room where they were <3 metro station

  3. Anyaa
    Anyaa says:

    I went to that gig!!! xD
    Was awesome and these photos are amaze, such a shame Mason dressed so awfully for the gig, but the boys played a great set.
    A bit of a shame they’re not together anymore… x


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