26 March 2010 – Tonight I photographed Motion City Soundtrack playing at Electric Ballroom. I was quite excited about seeing the guys because a lot of my friends are huge fans so they got me hyped up.

Unfortunately the public transport was playing up and their show started really early so I arrived during their third song which really didn’t leave me much time to shoot but luckily the security guy was super nice and gave me another minute or two just to get some shots. The lighting from the crowds view was super cool and definitely one of the best lighting rigs that I have seen at the ballroom and it worked really well with the guys set.

The show was really rad and it was one of those shows where everyone was there to just have a good time. It was great seeing “tough” guys in the crowd covered in tattoos not worrying about being cool and just rocking out with their friends having a good time no matter how silly they looked and the last time I saw this same kind of vibe was 10 years ago watching Millencolin play at Astoria.

The set consisted of old and new stuff and the guys play each song perfectly while making sure to interact and entertain. Definitely a good night out.

These are a few of the photos that I managed to shoot in my 4 minutes. Haha.

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  1. Ell - New Fan
    Ell - New Fan says:

    Incredible. I’d heard lots about your work but forgot to check it out till now. Why are you so good. I know I should use your work for inspiration but it makes me want to give up. I’ll never reach your level. Motion City Soundtrack were amazing as always. Thank you for these memories. :)

  2. Peter Dunbar
    Peter Dunbar says:

    I was at this gig and I have to say that these pictures are fantastic. I was at the concert with my girlfriend (her first gig) and I was wondering if you managed to capture any pictures of the crowd as we were right at the front.

  3. Arran Dutt
    Arran Dutt says:

    Firstly these pictures are awesome, and the gig was incredible!

    Do you happen to have any pictures which have the amp Justin was using included, or any larger pics of Justin’s guitar? I loved his tone that night and I kinda wanna find out what he was running.


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