06 February 2010 – I shot photographs a few times during last years Red Bull Bedroom Jam and I heard a lot about My Passion but I never really took the time to check them out until yesterday.

I normally like to give a band a good listen before I shoot their live set just so that I can get an idea of the song structure and style because I feel it gives me a bit of help during their show with regards to angles and moments that I think would be possible highlights to capture. On listening to their album for the first time I got really excited because it was clear that they were going to be interesting. I ended spending time on their MySpace watching videos and interviews and it really seemed as though their live show was pushed a lot as a way to really experience their music.

For some reason, the crowd was a little anti on the bands entrance on stage and I am not sure why but the band took it well on the chin, told the crowd to rather enjoy the party, and instead of getting down about it they played as hard with as much energy as any band playing a stadium to tens of thousands of people. It was great to watch and witness sometimes forgetting to take photos and although there were times when the light completely disappeared there were also some really great moments that I tried to capture. These are some of my shots taken over the last 2 days both in London at Roundhouse as part of the opening for the last dates of Kerrang! Tour. What a great way to start both nights.

I enjoyed what they do a lot. Definitely more live than on their album but that is just personal critique. Make sure to try and see them live.

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  1. Martin Hobby
    Martin Hobby says:

    Awesome set of photos!
    Quite a few ‘folio shots in there, they look so much fun to shoot.

    I’m also suprised the roundhouse seems cool with using flash?

  2. Louise
    Louise says:

    I don’t know why My Passion get so much stick for being more electronic in the sense than most rock bands. But it can be successful – just look at Kill Hannah. Having been to alot of Blackout gigs it seems to be their fans who despise them alot, as a result I didn’t give their album a proper listen before the show. I was a bit surprised they were on the Kerrang line-up with Blackout, but maybe it was deliberate. The Blackout tour alot with We are the Ocean for example, who perhaps would have suited the second headliners better. Maybe its variety they were aiming for? I like Kill Hannah but have not seen them live yet so I’d like to compare the two sometime.

  3. Laurence Rene
    Laurence Rene says:

    I was sent this link and had to comment personally.
    these shots are amazing and you’ve really captured our kerrang london dates brilliantly! i couldn’t agree with you more in your writing also.
    to the person about the girl voice and comments all i can say is that the debut album was captured late 2008 my passion have developed some what especially in voice since that time so give the next album a keen listen when it drops!
    this was an amazing tour thanks again for capturing it

  4. Steph
    Steph says:

    Hey Marcus, really good shots of a band that suprised me. My Passion were the band I least looked forward to seeing on the second date of the K! Tour in Dublin as I really dislike their studio work but I left The Academy knowing that if they play here again I will definately go see them. A good turn around if you ask me! Once again, nice shots. I look forward to seeing more.

  5. Vicky Beauchamp
    Vicky Beauchamp says:

    Wow! im in love with these pictures by Marcus… what an amazing photographer he is… i have some pictures on My Passion on my Myspace.. i have a pic of simon jumping in the air.. its amazing! :D Amazing pics Marcus. x

  6. Phie phobia
    Phie phobia says:

    OMG LIKE THE BEST LIVE SHOTS IVE SEEN ! WOAH , makes me wish i was there ! i personaly love mypassion , they always play good live =] well done !

  7. John be
    John be says:

    hey hun xxxx
    i think these photos are stunninnn
    it almost made me cry bcos there so good
    i love meh band and shit xxxx
    the best tour of my life xxx

  8. Linda Roock
    Linda Roock says:

    First things first: Those are amazing, touching and exactly the way I think pictures should be. Based on emotions, making it perfect with quality. Not the other way around. I like how you are getting into the band history and philosophy to feel yourself into what you want to capture in your pictures. It’s exactly what I would do, if I were a professional. I like how the angle isn’t intruding their personal spaces and it’s more like standing next to them than being too close at all.

    And there shouldn’t be any need to defend how they sound, play or present themselves. Music is a question of taste. And as long as none of the main aspects are lacking on quality – which really isn’t the case with them – it should be respected and tolerated, if only in a quiet way. There shouldn’t be disrespect or anti-behaviour, especially not during shows. If a fan disrespects the support band, they disrespect the whole show and in the end even the headlining artist.

    Keep up the unique work. Hope to see more of that in future.

  9. jess
    jess says:

    that pic where laurence is pointing was taken just after i did the heart sign and pointed to him and he pointed to me :) great pics!!!!!

  10. Anyaa
    Anyaa says:

    These photos are absolutly amaze, I wish when I go to gigs that mine would come out just as brilliant.
    My Passion are so awesome live and these photos truely shoot how good they look on stage.
    I cannot wait to see them again, and I hope to see some more brilliant photos.
    These guys are one of my favourite bands and Laurence René is such an inspiration, and I am so greatful that they come out to meet their bands and are willing to have a proper conversation with them as well as sign what is pushed under their noses and to be made to have photos with lots of random people (:
    My Passion truely are my passion <3


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