new found glory live in london at the hmv forum

30 May 2009 – The main feature (headliner) band for tonight was New Found Glory and this would be the third time seeing these guys. I have to be honest and say that for some weird reason, and I cannot pinpoint why, I am not the biggest fan of theirs but I would make sure to see them every opportunity that I can because their live show is super good.

I have just got back home and hit them up on my itunes playlist and again I feel that same feeling. It’s not that I don’t like their music or that I think its bad in anyway, it’s just that the live set and sound is so strong for me that on my notebook it really fails to compare in anyway at all. I see this as a good thing though because that means that they are a good band because now-days it is really hard to judge a musician on what they do in studio because of all the other input that is added.

Tonight was no difference, these guys come out and just go off. The crowd makes me feel like I am the only one that feels the way I do because they are all really at home with the music and are singing along to every lyric that comes out of Jordan Pundik’s mouth. I have shot and been to a LOT of shows and the crowd at every New Found Glory seems to be the most energetic and almost “dangerous”. The pits are wild and I am always glad to be watching from the safeties of the front pit barrier especially after seeing a million kids being carried over by bodyguards only seconds before they are about to pass out.

The show was part of the bands tour to launch their latest album “Not Without a Fight” and they did a good enough job to ensure a good amount of album sales.

It’s a fun time every time.

Lighting isn’t my favourite but I think I just need to deal with this but I always wonder how the light tech manages to just use all reds or all greens or all yellows or all blues or …. you get the point. What happened to mixing up the lighting and even just throwing in a bit of front lighting. Haha.

















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  1. Samantha
    Samantha says:

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