26 October 2011 – Tonight I photographed Noah and the Whale playing at Brixton Academy which is one of the shows I had been looking forward to for ages.

I haven’t seen or worked with the guys before this show but I’ve been a fan of their work so I was pretty sure that it was going to be a good one … it WAS.

Bands running around stage like idiots is often exciting and I do love that but there is something great about a band that also just keep low key and focuses on making sure that their sound is spot on. You can still see them rocking out and you know they are feeling the music they’re making but it’s just different. I love these kinds of shows a lot … probably a sign of me getting older but I imagine myself sitting down in a comfy chair sipping on a good drink and then my life is complete. Haha.

I loved their show. Sucks it’s over.

Lighting was insanely hard to work with as it flashed like crazy between dark, and super bright settings of all red, all blue, all yellow and then strobes. Awesome. Haha.

Look these guys up …

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