03 May 2009 – Tonight I photographed NOFX at Sheperds Bush Empire and it is the second time I have taken photographs with them. As was the case before they are out of hand and the crowd was definitely there to go wild.

Having grown up as a skateboarder and being introduced to NOFX back in the day, I have some really good memories of singing along to their music with friends and living life with out worries. Hearing these songs made me almost teary eyed and definitely excited bringing back some of those memories that were almost forgotten especially now when I am in a place where I really need to focus and it feels like growing up is natural. Don’t get me wrong, I am still a child at heart but I know that at the end of the month rent needs to be paid and food doesn’t just fall on the table anymore.

I have to admit that after 17 albums and almost a million song, I don’t really have a connection to their latest stuff and prefer my 3 album collection of White Trash, Two Heebs & a Bean, Ribbed and Punk in Drublic from way back when.

After many years in the Punk Rock scene, these guys have definitely worked a formula to keep the crowd and fans happy. I personally don’t care much for the drug life that they are so proud of sharing but I do believe that each individual has the right to be who they want to be and it’s good to see that they aren’t ashamed of it. I just seem to keep thinking of what they would be if they were drug free. I mean, it is really funny watching Fat Mike and El Hefe stumble around on stage and going off and they definitely seem tight and their music sounds good but what would they be like if they were sober. Would they suck live?

All in all it was a good show at a really cool venue. The pit was really small and there was so much beer being thrown around so I covered myself in my hoodie and stayed central between Fat Mike and El Hefe so my shots are of them. The lighting was quite weird because it was really white and there was no smoke or colour as is normally the case. The stage was really low which was actually a pleasure and it felt quite odd to be on almost the same level as the band. I hate nothing more than shooting on a super high stage. These are some of my photos from the show and I like them.

On leaving I walked into a couple having really romantic sex outside the stage door next to the dumpsters. I was shocked but couldn’t help but burst out laughing because it suited the whole vibe completely and almost topped off the experience.

















UPDATE – My photographs of NOFX have been used in a live review of the show on Clink Music Magazine so check it out.

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