28 July 2010 – Tonight I photographed OK Go at Electric Ballroom and it was one of the best live experiences I have been apart of in ages.

Don’t get me wrong, I have seen and worked with a lot of incredible bands lately but these guys just made that extra bit of effort to make sure that every single person in the venue felt that they were apart of something special and they really thought out their set to make sure that they had as much variety and surprises to add to the experience and this ranged from things like confetti machines, loads of smoke, lasers, fury guitar decor, led screens, live fisheye footage, bells and and and.

I really loved this set for so many reasons and whether you like this band or not, they are definitely worth seeing live. Amazing.

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  1. Christel Adina
    Christel Adina says:

    Mr. Maschwitz, you are a god among mortals. Only someone with a supernatural sense of visual composition and truly transcendental timing could capture such kinetic perfection!


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