Pretty much 8 months ago, I spent a weekend locked inside a dirty, dusty and cold warehouse making a music video for my friends in What Now. We worked the entire weekend without sleep because we had to build the set, shoot the video and clean up before the warehouse was being used again on Monday so that we could save money.

During the time we smashed up 4 pianos, 3 organs, 2 drum kits, 2 violins, 2 keyboards, 3 guitars, radios, patch-bays, microphones, fans, speakers and a bunch of other stuff only to put them back together to construct our own “machine”. We had a lot of fun and only suffered a few injuries, including one drill to the head, but it was definitely one of the funnest shoots I’ve worked on (with Tyron Layley, Adam Jenkins, Ryan Morris, Brendan Monteiro and Ryan Prout).

I shot a few stills during the time but haven’t looked at them until now only because I found it really hard to capture what we had created … these are my favourites.











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