17 June 2009 – Tonight I had my first Papa Roach experience and it was a super good one. I shot a few portraits with the guys today and decided to stay for their live show and I am so glad that I did. I am not sure if anyone else has ever had the same thing happen to them where you are at a show and everything is so good that you feel stupid for not supporting the band for the last ten years. This was one of those moments for me exactly because I felt myself tapping my feet and trying to sing along to words that I never knew.

If you have seen Papa Roach before then you know what I am talking about and if you haven’t seen them before then make sure to be at the next show near your area because it will be an eye opener and then if you are like I was before today and you have never heard a Papa Roach song, go to the CD store right now and purchase an album … Any album and I am sure you will be happy.

I got their new album from them tonight and I have to be honest in saying that I think I will wait a while before I give it a listen. It may sound like a stupid thing to do but I really was overwhelmed by the quality of their live show and I am so worried that I might be disappointed by their album work so I am going to just wait it out a bit until I forget a bit of what the live show was like although I think it will be burnt into me. It’s just that I love music and I love when bands do things well and Papa Roach can make any stage look small because they fill it and it’s hard to believe that the four members are that tight as a unit and that they can make that much noise without any additional backing tracks or anything like that.

Truly amazing and show that will go towards the top of my list of favourites.











UPDATE – You can read the live review of the show on Clink Music Magazine

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  1. tiffani
    tiffani says:

    i am so glad i am not the only one who was floored by jacoby the first time i saw them live. i found myself trying to sing along to songs i didnt know and the next day bought all their cds. that was two years ago and now i have seen them at least ten times and got a tattoo of their lyrics along with jacobys signature. im glad im not the only one who realizes this is an amazing band


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