19 October 2009 – Earlier this year I shot a bunch of portraits of the guys from Papa Roach which was the first time I had ever worked with them.

This resulted in me staying for their live show which blew my mind even though I didn’t know any of their songs. During that day I became a fan of what the guys are doing not just because they are really good at it but also because they were really nice and after all the years that they have been playing together, they still seem to be as excited about it as they must’ve been during their first days. It was a really cool day which got me into what they are doing which was obviously also really easy considering how good their music actually is.

Anyway, they were in London not so long ago and I spent most of the day with them again which was just as good. The guys did a really cool thing where they had 100 fans join us all for their sound check and then they made time to meet and greet and spend time with each of those fans, so as you can imagine they were running around like crazy. I shot a bunch of behind the scenes photographs of the guys during their sound check, back stage and just general lifestyle shots which I might post up here later but for now I wanted to just get this one up that I shot quick in the VIP room. It’s a really ugly and boring room and it’s definitely not where I would normally pose a portrait but I got my lights up as quick as I could and think it works alright anyway. I just love Jacoby’s trademarked facial expression.

I look forward to working with the guys again on their next tour. The dates haven’t been announced yet so I won’t say when that is but it’s going to be just as exciting. I’ll try make up next time with a much better portrait than this one.

Currently listening to : City and Colour – Sleeping Sickness.

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