16 May 2010 – I photographed Pennywise tonight at Shepherds Bush Empire which felt surreal because I feel as though I had been waiting around 18 years to see them live let alone shoot their show.

The venue was super full and the downstairs was probably the most packed I have ever seen it which was exciting but scary at the same time. Waiting for the guys to arrive on stage felt long but only because everyone was excited … possibly a little too excited. As they hit the stage, some idiots threw a few beers at the stage which completely drenched the floor as well as my precious camera resulting in front man Zoli slipping onto his back and me spending the first song drying my camera and cleaning the lens. “Dick licker!”. The lighting was also really toned down compared to the opening bands which I had more fun shooting but it’s just one of those things.

Anyway, the pit was really full and so many people were crowd surfing so I didn’t manage to get around much so I shot these and then made my way upstairs to watch from the perfect space and enjoy a show long waited upon. The guys made their way through a perfect set mixing up their years of material but definitely sticking to the favourites and new front man Zoli (replacing Jim) seemed perfectly comfortable which was a great relief to see.

The show was super and besides for the few tits there to make trouble, it went down amazing. Pennywise has been around for about 20 years now and after tonight it’s clear that they will easily be able to survive and grow at least another 20 years.

Setlist: Every Single Day, My Own Country, Can’t Believe It, What If I, Peaceful Day, Same Old Story, Living For Today, Greed, Society, Waiting, Fuck Authority, Straight Ahead, Nowhere Fast, Searching, Something To Live For, Stand By Me, Home Sick, Alien, Bro Hymn.

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