A few weeks back I had a photo shoot with the guys of Scrapbook Heroes down in Milton Keynes for their new promo material as they continue stepping it up as a band. The shoot was super fun and I really enjoyed working with these guys and listening to their stories and honestly wish them the best for them just because I know this is what they really want to do and they really are giving it their all.

The guys have just launched their new Myspace with a few of the photographs that I shot with them and I really love the way that it came out. They are also currently in studio working on the final bits recording their EP which is definitely going to be a good one. I thought I would post this up because I like the way it looks but make sure to check out their stuff especially their track up “This isn’t Hollywood” which is catchy as hell and try see them live if they playing anywhere near you. I know you’ll have a super time.

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