I traveled to South Africa for a few shoots at the end of 2009 and one of them included working with the amazing guys of Zebra and Giraffe. I have worked with these guys a few times since they started their project together and it’s always a pleasure.

The concept was purely to get the guys in the water at my parents vacation house and shoot with them up close to make sure that they look powerful but “cool”. I shot with my Nikon D3, Nikon F90x on 35mm and my beautiful Yashica 124g on 120 film. It’s been an absolute nightmare with the 120 as Jessops sent them away to the Prolab and completely messed up the scans (after 5 weeks) and have now taken them back to rescan so I haven’t got them back yet but the Digital and 35mm are done and came out quite rad.

This video was filmed and edited by their guitarist, Alan Shenton, on his iPhone 3GS which is amazing. Technology really is great.

To see more of the photographs from the shoot, please check out my music photography blog on www.marcusmaschwitz.co.uk/zebra-and-giraffe-promo/

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