I shot some studio portraits with the members of a band called Goodnight Gravity and it was a really good time. I normally don’t shoot band members in a studio and I most certainly never normally shoot artists with their instruments unless they are playing them but this time I decided to give it a try because the band really wanted a few. I am busy logging the photographs now and am short of time but I just converted 3 of the photos I took to Black & White so that I could see what they look like and I think they came out really cool. I actually really do prefer the colour photographs but I will keep these as well as all the rest of the shoot until I have sorted through them and the band has them as I don’t like giving away too much.

I just like to introduce the bands that I work with and this post is one of those. The band is made up of 3 members currently and they are trying something quite different to what I am used to but I do like it. Give them a listen if you are at all into Alternative music and I am sure you will appreciate what you hear.




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