02 October 2010 – A few weeks back I worked with the guys (and lady) of No Ordinary Zoo on some new images that they could use for press to accommodate the material they are currently working on.

They are in studio now recording a few tracks that are really catchy and it was great spending time with them and hearing their musical ideas and what they plan on doing next. It’s always nice working with such a tightly bound group of people that connect like they do.

I really hope that this journey is a long and interesting one for them and will be following it along the way. These are a few of the portraits that I took with them that I really like.

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  1. Jon Scurry
    Jon Scurry says:

    WOW :)

    Markus these R awesum. Quite strong individuals. The girl (is it natalie?) is hooooot. Opps, did I say that loud.

    Going 2 listen to there music now.

  2. anon.
    anon. says:

    No doubt soon you guys will have a record deal, your music is very unique and whoever the female vocalist is, has a lovely soothing voice.

  3. Sara Riley
    Sara Riley says:

    These fotos are intense. I love them. The guys look so cool and the girl looks like a star. I looked at there myspace but there are no songs on there. How can I listen to their music? The fotos make me feel like I will like it.

    Keep up the talent Marcus xXx

  4. Tracey 84
    Tracey 84 says:

    When can we hear more of NO ORDINARY ZOO. Waiting waiting waiting. The 2nd guy in the single photographs looks like he can rock. Culd I even say that he is ‘hot hot hot’. :) ;)

  5. No Ordinary zoo
    No Ordinary zoo says:

    Our EP which is fast becoming an LP is in the final stages of recording and Ian is flattered Tracey 84, Rehearsals for live shows are in progress


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