26 July 2012 – Tonight I photographed the guys from Pure Love playing a New Slang show put together by the guys at Banquet Records and it was a bloody good one.

Their album is still currently being recorded so not many people knew what to expect from this new project but which is always weird but I really enjoyed it and the crowd ended up singing along to songs they didn’t even know.

It’s weird seeing Frank being all “nice” and sharing beers with people in the crowd … definitely a big change in a positive way. Jim is amazing … probably one of my favourite people to watch perform (as of now) and the pair of them work really well together.

I think the album is going to be a great one based on the show tonight. I’m excited.

Look these guys up and forget about Frank ever being in Gallows and just judge this project for what it is … something fresh and actually really good.

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