16 April 2011 – The guys over at Quay West Studios hosted a show tonight to launch their new studio as well as a new single release from the boys of What Is Life For?

I went down to party with the guys in Gosport and shoot some photos for them which and it was a great party. The studio is focused on being a central music hub for everyone in the area and it’s headed up by an amazing bunch of people.

The show was headlined by What Is Life For? who released their Double A Side single today for Somewhere / The Rush and seeing them live again, almost a year since the last time, really reminded me of how tight they are as a band. Their tracks are catchy as hell and you know you will be humming them after the show even if you’ve never heard them before. They’re bound to do something big soon.

The guys were supported by Urban Disturbance, Western Sand, Rae Carter and Alice in Chinatown who all stepped up to the plate.

I always love going to live shows and it’s rad seeing different bands in a different part of the country especially when the show is put together well.

Make sure to check out Quay West Studios and What Is Life For?

These are a few photos from the night, in no particular order of all 5 acts.

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