29 July 2010 – A few weeks back I shot with the Scottish / Filipino band Rag Rag as they needed a few new portraits for the PR to support their release of Fighting Pride which is the theme song for world boxing champion and politician Manny Pacquiao.

The guys traveled out to The Palms in Las Vegas and The Record Plant in Los Angeles to record the track and it really came out rad. It features vocals by frontman Glen Ragrag as well as Britain’s Got Talent finalist Madonna Decena and a very special spoken word intro by Manny Pacquiao for his home country of the Philippines.

It was good fun working with the guys and we started off our shoot at a boxing studio which was tight but had a good feel to it. The first shot here I lit up the guys from behind and included the lights in the shot with the ring behind to help give them a feeling of “importance”.

Check these guys out, they are doing some really good stuff and are super passionate about it all.

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