I have been shopping for some needed and some new bits and ends for my work bag and I am as happy as a little child again. I had to leave a lot of stuff back in South Africa when we moved here to the UK so I have had to replace a lot of things as well as spoil myself for the hell of it. Haha.

One of my purchases include a ring flash that I have been wanting for ages now and I haven’t had time to shoot with it properly yet except for making my misses stand outside on our balcony with her umbrella for 2 minutes. I really like the way it works but will need to get used to holding my camera with it on as it already weighs 50000 kilograms. I am super excited though and have a bunch of ideas flowing in my head already. Going to be shooting with it on friday and will post the photographs as soon as I can.

Things here are going really good so far and I am really really getting excited at the possibilities of living out some of my dreams here.

I hope you are all well and promise to keep this more up to date from now on. It’s just been a bit busy here settling in. Chat soon, Marcus

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