21 November 2009 – Tonight was the 3rd time that I would be seeing and working with Rise Against and after last time I thought it would be impossible for them to top that live show. I was WRONG.

Brixton Academy was completely sold out and it seemed like it was the fullest that I have ever seen it before which is crazy considering the festivals that I have worked on there. I understand perfectly though the second that the guys take to stage because the almost destroy it. The energy that the entire band give off is insane and Tim has to be one of the most amazing front men of any of the bands that I have photographed. It just becomes so obvious about how passionate he is for what he is doing. He always seems humble and from the start makes sure to welcome the crowd and involve them in the live show. I’ve said this before but at everyone of their shows I feel like I am part of some special family / group that could conquer the world. I love that.

Compare to last time they have stepped it up a notch, not only as musicians but as a live act and they utilize lighting, smoke, banner visuals, video feeds, audio tracks and their branding in a way that is really impacting and definitely done by some super good designers. It was a bit hard to shoot because they all run around the stage like they have just won the lottery but after shooting I made my way to the back of the venue to witness the beauty that is their production.

I have been looking forward to this show for months and I feel sad that tonight is over because it could be a while until they play in London again but I know, whenever that is, sure as hell I will be there. Anyway, these are a few of the photographs that I did shoot. I really like the way that a few of them came out and I am really happy that I caught a few with Zach in the air jumping off his podium. I had missed them at the last show because of where I was in front of the stage but this time I calculated and waited for the shot. He reminds me a lot of Hunter Burgan (AFI) but in a good way.

Support Rise Against because they are amazing, nice and they stand for and support a bunch of amazing causes.






















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  1. Phil
    Phil says:

    Nice pics.

    For me the whole night was pretty much ruined though by the lousy sound at the academy. For the whole of PTW and Thursdays set I could barely tell what song they were playing, and I am VERY familiar with the bands catalogues.

    Anyone else agree or is it just me being deaf?


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