16 March 2011 – Tonight I shot Rise Against (one of my favourite bands) playing at Electric Ballroom (one of my favourite venues).

I’ve photographed a lot of amazing bands playing in this venue and this was the 4th time that I would be shooting these guys so I was super excited. The show was also being broadcast live on the internet which has never been done from any show I have been to so it was bound to be a good one on paper … and it was.

As always the guys gave it their all playing through a selection of classics as well as showcasing some of their new material and it was all received really well.

I love Rise Against so I might be really biased but that’s alright by me. Just make sure you check them out and see them live soon. They’ll make you feel a part of something with the capabilities of being able to change the world. Amazing.

I thought it would be different to post a few photos as black and white’s so here they are. Might post more later … will see … it’s all a bit crazy here.

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